American Conquest - Divided Nation

American Conquest - Divided Nation

American Conquest Divided Nation is the second standalone expansion of the saga
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American Conquest is a real-time strategy game series. The action takes place on the American continent.
American Conquest: Divided Nation is the second independent (or standalone) expansion of the American Conquest saga. The main theme of this game is the American Civil War and the independence of Texas from Mexico. In this war four nations interact in a new line of time: The Union, The Confederation, the Republic of Texas and Mexico and more than 120 new units. At the time of the first game the Pirates were added. The old factions can not fight with the new ones (except with the Pirates). The game also brings a wealth of new features to the game, as a horse artillery, field forts, stores and Generals. Players can experiment with completely new battles in the RTS Genre, from the Battle of El Alamo to the Battle of Gettysburg.

The basic game mechanics of American Conquest and economic factors involves the construction of houses for farmers and to store your resources such as timber, food and gold, stone, coal and iron mines that the player will have to build in designated areas.

Another new feature of American Conquest is the factor of morale. Military units suffer from low morale if the unit is in the vicinity of a slaughter of his side and could flee the battlefield. The official flag and military drummers are used to create military formations and to raise the morale of the troops.

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